Team Adalia Rose
There is beauty in everything,
if you know where to look.

This blog is dedicated to sharing the story of Adalia, her family, and her inspirational life.

We’re so pleased that Adalia Rose is featured in an article at The story, written by Camille Dodero and titled “The Princess and the Trolls: The Heartrending Legend of Adalia Rose, the Most Reviled Six-Year-Old Girl on the Internet,” chronicles Adalia and her family’s battle against internet trolls. It will take more than a moment to read, but it’s well worth  the time.

You can read the story by clicking this link.

Lindsay StripesDon’t miss PRF’s Medical Director Dr. Leslie Gordon on ABC’s 20/20 Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST!  Dr. Gordon will talk about the status of Progeria research, including the exciting discovery of the first-ever treatment for Progeria.  Ms. Walters will also include an update on some of the girls featured in the September 2010 program, When Seven Looks Like 70…A Race Against Time for Three Young Girls.The hour-long program was a huge hit, and has since re-aired due to its popularity.

The Progeria Research Foundation appreciates every effort to raise awareness about Progeria, and is pleased that Barbara Walters, ABC and the public recognize the unique and remarkable nature of these special children, as well as Progeria’s connection to the aging process that affects us all.

Please forward this notice to your address book so they, too, can learn about these remarkable children and the important work PRF is doing. They (and you!) can support Progeria and PRF’s quest for a cure by making a donation here   

If you would like a way to support our mission to tell the world about our little Adalia Rose, and also give a little donation to a great cause, then we have just the thing! Now available, purchase a Team Adalia T-Shirt!

You can order the shirts at Adalia’s official site, T-shirts are $20, and for every shirt that is purchased, we will donate $5 to the Progeria Research Foundation. The shirts come in two colors, black for men and purple for women, and feature the team Adalia logo along with a picture of our beautiful Adalia Rose.

For those who don’t know about Team Adalia, we are a group of Adalia supporters who help her Mom, Natalia, with a lot of the online responsibilities that come with having a large fan base. We help Natalia so that she can focus on what’s most important, spending time taking care of Adalia.

The idea for the t-shirts came from talking directly with Adalia’s fans. It was never our intention to promote Team Adalia, so please remember, this is in support of Adalia herself and any child suffering from Progeria.

Thank you so much for showing your support!

Earlier this week, Yvonne Nava of KVUE News in Austin interviewed Adalia and me about the art show and auction happening tomorrow night to benefit the Progeria Research Foundation. If you haven’t seen the interview, we’ve posted it on Adalia’s Facebook page. I’m not going to lie, the experience was fun for both Adalia and me … but I was super nervous!

Adalia, on the other hand, was right in her element; she is such a character, I just don’t know where she gets this stuff! She charmed the folks at KVUE so much that they gave her a special gift at the end of the interview – a tiara and a wand! Big thanks to Yvonne Nava and everyone at KVUE for a wonderful experience!

Of course, we didn’t just appear on TV to see which one of us looks better – definitely Adalia by the way. We were promoting the upcoming art show and auction organized by our good friends at Xibit Productions here in Austin, Texas. All proceeds from the art auction will go to the Progeria Research Foundation. If you haven’t heard of the great work that PRF does, I beg you to go to their website and become acquainted. They are making great strides in finding a cure for not just Progeria, but maybe aging in general.

The art auction will be silent, so there won’t be any rambling auctioneers to talk over! Instead, each of the independent artists will set a starting price for their work (to recoup the costs of framing and matting their work), and anything bid over the starting price, as well as the money for admission, will go directly to Progeria Research. In some cases, the art may start at a $0 starting price. There will also be food, fashion, music, beverages, photography, great people and even Adalia at the event!

Please come and show your support for local artists, as much as the children suffering from Progeria. The event is this Friday from 6:30 – 10 p.m. at UP Collective. More details are available on this blog and Adalia’s Facebook page. Bidding will close at 9 p.m., so get there early!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night!

And Now a Word from Adalia …

November 2nd @ UP Collective   {2326 Cesar Chavez, ATX, 78702}

Facebook Event Page

Abstract Austin Event Website

Adalia Rose’s Facebook Page

Progeria Research Foundation


Join us for a fun evening of art, food, music and fashion in celebration of Adalia Rose, a little girl from Austin, Texas who is living with Progeria. Admission is $15 at the door, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Progeria Research Foundation at the request of Adalia’s family.

In addition, we will hold a Silent Auction for the artwork on display, and net sales will go to the Progeria Research Foundation as well.

Join us for the party! We’ll have music by DJ Hexum, complimentary food & drinks, and beautiful abstract photography on display and for sale. Local Austin designer Rare Trends, styled by Edith Henry, will have models showing off the latest fashions. Quite fitting, the motto of Rare Trends is “Wear Art.”

We hope to see everyone local to the ATX area come out for this amazing little girl and important cause.

To purchase your tickets – or make a donation directly to The Progeria Research Foundation – follow this LINK.

Your support for The Progeria Research Foundation is vital. History has been made, with every child in the first-ever Progeria clinical drug trial showing improvement in one or more areas of their condition, proving that the FTI Drug is the first known, effective treatment for children with Progeria. However, this is just a treatment, not a cure. PRF uses the knowledge gained from these trials to push their research forward. With their proven, fast-paced record of success, combined with your support, we can help children with Progeria lead longer, healthier lives. Together We WILL Find The Cure!

NOTE:  We are looking for a couple more photography artists to add to our line-up. The theme of this event is Abstract Photography, and this event is for a great cause. So, if you want to get your abstract photography seen while also helping a great little girl like Adalia Rose … AND score some publicity for your work, contact us today!  In addition, we are looking for one or two more food and drink sponsors. Email for details.


Sometimes you witness something or meet someone, and for whatever reason, you become truly inspired. In this world, teeming with hardships, this inspiration comes from people who have learned to deal with adversity in positive ways. Adalia Rose has inspired me.

When I first saw Adalia, she was…


I came across this article the other day on NPR, and, I must say, my heart was racing with excitement on every word. The article is about a new drug called Lonafarnib that could be the first step in finding a cure for Progeria.

I won’t say too much because I want everyone to read the article HERE.

The medical world seems to be making great strides toward finding a cure for Progeria, and to think that just 10 years ago doctors were still wondering what this disease even was! This is wonderful news, not only for my sweet Adalia, but for all children affected by this terrible disease.  Much Love Everyone!

Adalia made a new video to say HI to her friends! 

These young people get it! Bullying is a disease that wreaks havoc like no other, and our family is not alone in this. We can’t even imagine how much work this took, but we’d like to send out some major respect to everyone involved! Watch this, share this, and live this … and maybe we can all just get along.